Left Behind Interactive


unesco data visualization

Explore the state of girls’ education in sub-Saharan Africa through a variety of data visualizations and compelling photography.


Wim Bruyninckx, Audrée Lapierre
(Art Direction)
Lan Yan, Audrée Lapierre (Design)
developed at FFunction

Branding & Identity
Web Design
Data Visualization

The Problem

UNESCO approached FFunction to sort and visualize their large amounts of collected data on the state of girls’ education in sub-Saharan Africa. FFunction worked with UNESCO to create a data visualization in time for International Women’s Day. Visitors can explore and understand the current state of inequality in education, and the barriers they face everyday.

Branding and Identity

I assisted in expanding on the art director’s creative direction through wireframe and high fidelity designs. This also involved sourcing appropriate photography, and creating a custom word mark. The visual identity subtly uses animated typography to show several components being left out.