Play Therapy Identity

play therapy branding

A visual identity that reflects the playful nature and freedom of synergetic play therapy.


Lan Yan (Designer)
Joyce Grace (Developer & seo)

Branding & Identity
Web Design

The Problem

Play therapy is a form of therapy used to help children explore their lives and freely express themselves. In the beginning of 2017, Mary was planning to start her own private practice, and approached me to create an identity for her business. Her objectives were to distinguish herself as a certified play therapist (which was not common in Canada at the time) and to convey the playful nature of her practice. The target market was specific: young families and parents living in North Vancouver. The final design includes a flexible logo mark, customized Wordpress website design, and branded collateral.

*Personal acknowledgment: Mary Yan is my mother. I’m proud to see how far she’s come in pursuit of her goals :)

Early iterations of the logo

Early iterations of the logo



Early concepts revolved around the foundations of play therapy: family, play, exploration, growth, and emotional freedom. Some early iterations included a flock of paper airplanes and toy blocks. The toy blocks resonated with Mary, and we ended up with a very simple, but memorable, mark to accompany her business name.


I collaborated with a freelance SEO and developer to design the website. This was the first project I’ve worked on using heavy customization with a Wordpress template, so I ended up learning a lot about working with the limitations and styling of templated designs. Putting the site together, I sourced photos that best articulated a warm, candid perspective of family and children, and put together a style guide for the developer to follow.