Stay Safe Campaign

Stay safe

A behaviour change campaign, developed in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, to improve overall safety at VCH residential care facilities through community, wellness, and conversation.


lan yan, daisy aylott, craig fleish
completed at emily carr university

User Research
Branding and Identity

The Problem

At VCH, residential care aides were getting injured while lifting their patients in and out of bed. Despite knowing the proper procedures, the high injury rates was costing VCH in high turnover of staff.


I worked with two other designser to understand why this was happening through facilitated workshops and job shadowing. Research showed that the care aides were hard-working, and always thinking patient-first. But they usually worked alone, and lacked a sense of community. As a result, care aides were less inclined to ask for help when they needed it.


Stay Safe hopes to create a new sense of community by showing respect and highlighting safety for all the staff members. Small reminders and tips were placed where care aides often handle equipment and in the break room. The campaign allowed us to reset the conversation around safety and well-being.